“These ladies ability to lead is remarkable. They gracefully and intentionally adapt to the needs of the group and are able to dig in to get to the heart of the matter in a tender and loving way. Their wisdom and thoughtfulness is evident in everything we did. Sue is a wonderful yoga teacher and remarkable workshop leader. Her heart-centered approach allows woman the safe container to be vulnerable and open up in ways that can accelerate growth. All of our needs are met so we can focus on our intentions and relax into the experience. This retreat is always life-changing for me. I am a more balanced and thoughtful person because of them”
— Ani

“Over the course of our week together, I learned how to drop into myself, become more aware and in the moment and how to have more authentic relationships. I had time to take for me as well as time for rejuvenation, rest and relaxation. This retreat provided an amazing experience of deep connection with myself and the other beautiful participants.”
— Erin

“I am blown away by this retreat. The facilitators brought a really unique flavor, and it created a really juicy retreat. Spending time with a small group was magic. I feel deeply connected to this group, after only 7 days. I’m reminded of the beauty of connecting and spending time with myself. I was blow away by the meals! I am leaving feeling grounded, nourished and full of joy. The balance between connection and me time was fabulous, and I will carry the feeling of this onward with me. Thank you thank you to each of you! I feel like I’m surfing the wave of bliss right into my next adventure. With love and gratitude.”
— Chloe

“The facilitators truly knows how to host a first-class retreat. I’ve been on many retreats, and none of them come close to the level of service, kindness, caring and compassion these beautiful professionals have for their guests. Every detail is taken care of. All you need to do is show up, physically, spiritually and mentally.”
— Iffer

“Thank you so much for putting together such a wonderful retreat! This has been an amazing week for me filled with great memories and exciting adventures!
— Ashley